The services that Dutch Work offers are all modular. So you can choose to only purchase what you need. This is possible because we have a wide network, making us the one-stop solution without the usual overhead. In order to match your wishes with our offer, we always plan a personal intake. If you would like more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done by telephone, email or via our contact form.

Recruitment and selection

At Recruitment & Selection, after the intake we will post your vacancy on effective job site(s) and social media within The Netherlands and/or abroad. In addition, we actively approach suitable candidates to apply. We screen the suitable candidates extensively and interview them personally. The right candidate will be selected in consultation with you. The result is that the vacancy is filled.

Employment module

In this module we arrange the entire recruitment and selection process and we take care of the possible relocation of the candidate. The candidate will be employed by us and you hire the candidate on a full-time basis and pay a fee per hour. This module is particularly suitable if you need temporary staff for projects and/or during short busy periods of which you do not know exactly how long they will last. After the agreed period, the agreement can be terminated with due observance of the statutory and/or agreed notice period.

Payroll module

If we have found a suitable candidate for you, but you do not want to have them on the payroll yourself, you can opt for our payroll module. This is also possible if you have found a suitable candidate yourself. The advantage of the payroll module is that we take over the legal employment. Because we have the right expertise, we can offer you and the (foreign) employee extra service and benefits.


This module is suitable for assignments with a certain period of time and/or for the real specialists that you need for a period of six months, for example.


If you have found a foreign employee yourself, a lot is involved in the relocation, such as:

  • Applications for work and/or residence permits
  • Assisting with the move
  • Finding suitable accommodation
  • Registering with the municipality and obtaining a BSN (social security number)
  • Taking out the necessary insurances
  • Finding childcare and/or training
  • Exchange driver’s license

In collaboration with our relocation partner, we can take all these matters off your hands. You can also choose to have only some parts performed by us.