Are you looking for a job in the Netherlands?

Dutch Work is where you as a professional will find jobs that are sure to make you enthusiastic! Here you can also obtain information on everything related to living and working in the Netherlands.

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At Dutch Work personal contact is the uppermost priority. We are happy to get to know you better and hear about your ambitions and where you stand in your career. Please contact us so we can learn more about you right away! After that we will help you to the best of our capabilities to make the next step forward.


As a job seeker, you have a greater chance of getting noticed by our clients by registering. Please send your CV to and we will approach you if we have a suitable position for you. We will then further discuss your ambitions in person or via phone or Skype. We can also provide personal assistance for matters like housing, taxes, insurance, requesting a Citizen Service Number (BSN) and the necessary permits.

Professional growth

As an ambitious professional, naturally you want to continue developing your professional skills. Dutch Work helps you gain international work experience in the Netherlands. Herewith you learn about other working methods and you get the chance to meet new cultures. This will improve your personal en professional skills!


Do you aspire to attain international work experience and want to move to the Netherlands? Dutch Work is the perfect starting point for those looking for a job in the Netherlands. We’re interested in hearing about your ambitions!

Personal contact

Personal contact is essential when applying for a job, especially if that job is abroad. Since Dutch Work consists of a small team, it is easy for us to maintain personal contact with our candidates. If we think we’ve found a suitable position for you, we will approach you personally. When you come to the Netherlands to work, we will provide personal assistance when needed with practical matters as work permits, insurance, social security number and taxes. After this process, we will continue to be your contact and coach throughout your stay in the Netherlands.


Dutch Work creates possibilities for you by giving you the oppertunity to live and work in the Netherlands via a reliable partner!